The Essentials to A True Texan Outdoor Barbecue

The Essentials to A True Texan Outdoor Barbecue


It never is a true Texan experience without outdoor barbecue on a fine sunny day. It is undeniable that Texas, and especially its capital Houston, offers one of the finest barbecues in the world. Good food, camaraderie, spending time with family and friends and the great outdoors are integrated in the Texan culture and it does not matter whether one is born and bred in Houston or just a lost tourist, the barbecue experience is not to be missed and always meant to be enjoyed.

This particular way of dining is ideal for families and friends to gather and catch up, watch a football game together, celebrate special occasions including those Sundays when everybody is free to just enjoy each other’s company. This explains why most homes in Houston consider having really nice outdoor kitchens and fire pits as absolute musts. It is a splendid way to welcome guests into one’s home and these features definitely add value to one’s property. It creates whole new possibilities for parties, you could even throw a weekly theme in there.


Outdoor Kitchens and Fire Pits


Adding an outdoors kitchen and fire pit into one’s home requires careful consideration. Construction has to be quality for the sake of safety, function and aesthetics. It is imperative that excellent materials are used and that the design should be something personal as it should reflect the homeowners’ taste and personality. A Houston based construction company has been providing premium service for the construction of these two fun yet functional home additions and more.


Green Thumb Stone and Landscaping Design or GTLAD, for the past 25 years and counting, has been the premiere construction company in Houston that has unbeatable reputation in building unique outdoor kitchens and firepits as well as landscapes, hardscapes, swimming pools, spas, driveways, patios, among others. They have provided service all throughout the city, beautifying one space after another. A few of the neighborhoods in the city as well as outlying communities that GTLAD founder, Michael Holcomb, has serviced include Museum District, Galveston, Kingwood, Uptown District, and Shady Acres, and more.


Working with GTLAD


The great thing about GTLAD is its being very client-oriented. The company will provide you with professionals that will work with you through the entire process of choosing a design that fits your taste and preference, ensuring efficiency and quality during the actual construction and even creating for you design sketches to better envision the lovely area that is perfect to gather your loved ones and friends.


GTLAD offers a variety of pits and kitchen plans that fit most budgets whether it’s $500 or $50,000 depending on the client. It is all inclusive- grills, smokers, pits- you choose, they will design and build. Furthermore, what GTLAD wants to build is trust in their clients so they are offering 100% money back guaranteed and services are 100% bonded and insured.


Creating the Perfect Venue


GTLAD creates spaces that will be the venue of great memories that is why they make it very personal and unique for each and every client. The company’s website provides photos and videos of the quality services they have accomplished all these years. Included in the website are testimonials from past clients as well as their contact information.


Whether it’s grilling with the family, enjoying a quiet night out on the porch or simulating a campfire with friends right on your own backyard, GTLAD could create and build the perfect venue for moments that will last.