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Houston Fountain Design Services

When one finds himself living in Houston, he is almost assured of a subtropical climate that allows for genuine thoughts of summer- pool hits with family and friends, a stroll to various museums, picnics in parks, shopping at the center, various outdoorsy sports to enjoy, or even a nice quiet time at home with a book and a cocktail in your very own backyard. The largest city in Texas offers these and more.

One’s surroundings definitely affect the way of living. Time and again, it has been proven that function and aesthetics are important factors to feeling good about life and enjoying it. Spaces should not be just mere spaces, especially the place where one lives in. This is where landscapes, beautiful landscapes, come into play and Green Thumb Stone and Landscape Design Inc. or GTLAD Is the perfect start to building marvelous spaces.


GTLAD Design Services

GTLAD offers a variety of services such as complete landscape design, pools, outdoor kitchens, driveways, patios and even unique fountain design and construction services. In a city like Houston, having bodies of water present in your home certainly helps in dealing with the summer heat and humidity that may sometimes get too much to handle. There is something lovely about fountains even if long ago, during ancient times, they were originally intended to be purely functional.

With GTLAD, clients will have professionals personally meet them to develop ideas and deliver exactly what they want. Fountain construction is a creative process and GTLAD clients have the option to have theirs customized. They are provided with free detailed sketches and drawings that could always be revised depending on one’s preference. Cost estimates are offered as well to make sure that no one will go over the budget.

GTLAD Fountains


Fountains are beautiful as well as functional accents to add in a space. They add life, splendor and usually exudes a calming effect as wate as an element always emanates this. With GTLAD, whether you decide on a small or large fountain; indoor, outdoor or wall; Grecian, Zen, or classic in style, expect quality service and exquisite materials. Some fountains are designed to cascade a few levels, perfect for when you just want something nice to stare at while getting lost in your thoughts. Others are minimalist in design, making the falling water seem almost invisible. These types are ideal for a lovely yoga session.

Some fountains will perhaps remind one of the glory days of Greece and Rome, when fountains were monuments of both practicality and splendor. Whatever you envision yours to be, GTLAD will provide the best builders that will work on executing your dream fountain impeccably.

Aside from fountain design and construction, GTLAD goes the extra mile for their clients by offering fountain maintenance and updating. Fountains need maintenance and GTLAD will provide knowledgeable and skilled professionals for this. Another good thing about GTLAD is that for all its services, there is a 100% money back guaranteed and they are 100% bonded and insured so expect to be satisfied and to be getting your money’s worth.

GTLAD’s website, http://www.gtlad.com, provides a photo gallery of a few of the fountains that they have created for their happy clients and it is worth checking out. If interested of their services, you may send them a message through their website or call 713-521-1286.