Houston Fountain Design

Fountain Design Services in Houston

When living in Houston, it doesn’t take long before you start dreaming of pools and other ways of staying cool in the harsh climates. Thanks to the weather, Houston is a superb location for long walks in the park, shopping at the various malls, spending quality time with friends and family members, or even just relaxing at home with a cool beverage and an interesting book. Compared to many other cities across the US, we’re lucky in this department.

Over the years, we’ve learned all about how we become a product of our environment. With the look and function you desire in your home, you can relax and enjoy life as you wish. Rather than just being a space in which you live every day, this space should become your home and your haven from the difficulties in life. By adjusting and utilizing your landscape with Green Thumb, you can create this feeling without a problem.

For us, water is one of the most relaxing natural beauties of life which is why we’re offering custom fountain designs in our list of great services. When maintained correctly, a water fountain can be the centrepiece of your home and it can evoke emotion and relaxation for all who enter. Whether commercial or residential, Green Thumb will help you to create a unique feature that won’t be found anywhere else while remaining inside your budget. Since we always put clients first, we’ll work tirelessly to meet your needs.

Depending on your needs and your budget, there are various fountains we can produce for you. On the one hand, you can have an all-singing, all-dancing fountain with lights and sounds which will leave all guests amazed. If you prefer a more relaxing tone, such as a memorial fountain, this is just as easy for us and it will help those around you to remember a lost loved one in a positive way.

Regardless of your needs, feel free to contact us today and we can discuss your ideas. With years of experience, we know what is and isn’t possible so let us help you;