Houston Landscaping Design Services

GTLAD’s Landscaping Design Services

For over 25 years, the Houston based company, Green Thumb Stone and Landscaping Design Inc., has provided the best services in the field of exterior design and implementation, one of which is landscaping.  Residential as well as commercial areas throughout the city have had their yards and gardens revamped with utmost quality and an aesthetic eye.

Founded in 1985, GTLAD initially immersed in residential projects in Houston and eventually expanded by offering their services in commercial areas in just a span of three years. These areas include the Museum District, Uptown District, Garden Oaks, League City, Houston Heights, and Montrose, among others. Its founder, Michael Holcomb, had successfully transformed his vision and this translates to how he transforms his clientele’s visions as well.

Client- Oriented Approach

One of the great things about GTLAD is that it caters to a wide market, whether you are looking to build a nice little garden in your front yard for $500 or construct a resort-like lawn complete with a lap pool, a Jacuzzi, a rose garden and impeccably trimmed shrubbery for $50,000. With constructions and renovations getting pricier by the minute, some would opt not to prioritize such things but the importance of aesthetics and function in everyday life should not be taken for granted. GTLAD understands this, which is why they make sure that there is definitely something for everybody’s budget.

Through the years, GTLAD consistently adheres to its client-oriented approach where they go out of their way to personally meet each and every client to discuss possibilities and develop a vision. Every professional working at GTLAD would gladly collaborate with his customer, even making free detailed sketches and drawings. A space to be creative and comfortable is always provided. After all, building something should be a fun experience and may as well be a journey in itself. This is, of course, always within the context of the client’s budget. Cost estimates are presented as soon as possible in order to ensure a smooth implementation and to manage client expectations.


There are a variety of services offered that cater to different needs and wants. Among these are complete landscape design, hardscape design, the construction and/or renovation of driveways, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and spas that are perfect during hot summer afternoons as well as fire pits ideal for chilly nights under the stars. GTLAD also offers construction of walkways and patios using fine and elaborate materials with competitive pricing such as pavers, brick, stone and concrete.  Everything can definitely be customized.

GTLAD is there for its client from the molding of the idea all the way to the last brick cemented and the last flower planted. There are constant onsite visits to guarantee quality of work, attention to detail, efficiency and that everything is according to the client’s preferences. Having built the brand over the years and earning a good reputation for its work, GTLAD confidently offers 100% money back guaranteed. Furthermore, services are 100% bonded and insured.

To find out more about GTLAD, its vision, quality services offered, photos of accomplished work as well as testimonials from their past clients, visit http://www.gtlad.com/testimonials.html.There is a photo gallery of before and after photos, highlighting the way GTLAD transforms spaces into beautiful places. There are a number of videos to check out as well. GTLAD is based in Houston and may be reached through their website or by dialing this number 713-521-1286.