Outdoor Kitchens & Outdoor Living Texas Style

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Areas

At Green Thumb Landscaping and Design, we’ve been transforming outdoor living spaces for many years and we plan to continue long into the future. If you want to convert your dull backyard into a warm and welcoming living space for all guests, feel free to take advantage of our free consultation today!

In our team, we have fully-qualified and skilled contractors and designers who will work with you to build the perfect outdoor kitchen. Whether a residential or commercial address, we can match the needs of every client thanks to our adaptable team. Over the years, our list of happy customers has grown and we want to add your name to the list. Not only will it look great and add function to your home, it will also add value when it comes to selling time.

In and around Houston, we can provide the perfect outdoor space you need to cook delicious meals and enjoy the company of dear friends and family.

Kitchen Design for Outdoors

As mentioned previously, we offer custom design for all kitchens and this process starts with a consultation. As soon as we get a better idea for what you’re looking for, we can start to put a plan into action. At the start, we’ll consider your cooking requirements, average guest count, and whether you want a minimal design or absolutely everything (countertop, oven, grill, sink, etc). Above all else, we realize that everyone has unique needs which is why we listen to your ideas and try to match them as closely as possible. Before getting started, we’ll create a full plan to fit within your budget and timeframe. No job will ever be too big or too small!

Outdoot Kitchens
Preparing a healthy summer meal in an outdoor kitchen with gas barbecue and sink on a brick patio overlooking a tranquil lake with tree reflections

Outdoor Kitchen Benefits 

So why should you invest in an outdoor kitchen? For us, we believe there are many benefits;

  • Living space expands beyond your indoor space
  • Odors within the home are removed as you cook outdoors
  • Will improve the value of your home
  • Adds to your home aesthetically
  • Adds function to a space not being utilized
  • Provides an opportunity to entertain and create memories

Outdoor Kitchen Material 

Over the years, we’ve come to know the very best materials for outdoor kitchens. Generally, the most robust materials will come from manufactured stone, concrete blocks, brick, and natural stone. Of them all, we believe natural stone to be a superb choice because it looks stunning as a kitchen. Although it’s not the cheapest on the list, it will last the test of time and your guests will be taken aback by its beauty.

This being said, there are various materials that will work and we always consider the materials already sitting in your backyard as well as the outside of your home. Regardless of material, Green Thumb Landscaping and Design can help to install the kitchen that suits your needs!


Let’s Build the Outdoor Kitchen You Desire!

By contacting us today, you can get the ball rolling towards transforming your outdoor space. With one simple phone call, we can take your standard backyard and convert it into the entertainment hub of your home. With a kitchen and perhaps even an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, your guests will never tire of visiting your home and it adds options when we reach the cooler end of the year. Rather than limiting your outdoor use to summer, you suddenly open the door to other seasons and you can utilize your whole home much more.