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At Green Thumb, we turn your
outdoor living ideas into reality!

Over the years, Green Thumb Landscaping & Design has developed a superb reputation right across Houston for working on thousands of different gardens and transforming them into havens for the owners. As well as being led by a team with decades of experience, Green Thumb Landscaping & Design has built a solid team of experts over the years who know everything there is to know about exterior design and landscaping.

Not only can they bring ideas to the table, they can put these ideas into action and make them happen. On top of our fantastic landscape and design business, we even build swimming pools and spas across Houston’s finest communities.

Why Choose Green Thumb Landscaping & Design

If you’re currently looking out into your yard without a smile on your face, you haven’t yet unlocked the full potential of your property. It’s time to use your imagination and, coupled with the experience and skills on offer at Green Thumb, make your dream into a reality. If you contact us today, we’ll come to visit your yard before then listening to your ideas. From here, we’ll bring our own ideas to the table so we can collaborate on a yard that is viable and beautiful for years to come. Whether you want a pool for fun or palms and tikis for relaxation, we can meet your needs!

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