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Your Guide to Outdoor Decks

When it comes to home improvements, adding a deck now sits as one of the most popular because it is an investment more than anything else. According to one report, around 80% of the initial cost can be recouped when selling the home which makes it one of the best investments you can maker a return. Although there are others above this, like replacing the entry door, many homeowners like this option since they can enjoy the benefits after completion.

At first, you’ll probably think about contacting a contractor and this would be a good move but we should note the importance of vision throughout the project. For example, you need to know exactly what you plan to do in the space outside and what its purpose will be both now and in five years’ time. For most, they like to have an outdoor deck for gatherings so they can invite friends over in the summer and have a barbecue. For others, they prefer to think about hot tubs and firepits to add more features to the home so it’s important you have a goal.

After this, you can then converse with the contractor about size, budget, how many people you wish to have over at one of your standard gatherings, etc. Furthermore, the placement of your deck within the backyard is obviously important because you need to know whether it will go straight from your home as an extension or whether it will be a standalone deck with some sort of path connecting it to your home.

Recently, we were lucky enough to speak to some experienced deck installation professionals and they were kind enough to offer some tips. In the section, you can see these tips in a whole manner of different topics including;

• Choosing the right location whilst considering placement in relation to your home, views, wind exposure, privacy, purpose, sun/shade, and more
• Opportunities for a high-elevation deck leaving areas of shade underneath (as a patio area)
• What to consider when sizing your deck and how to make sure you don’t make a common mistake
• Ensuring the deck is fit for purpose and will suit your needs
• The cost of your deck and what features will increase/decrease this including materials, design, and any extra features you decided to add from steps to railings
• The safety features of your decking such as railing to keep children protected (this is especially important on raised decking)
• Choosing between the different types of wood including redwood and cedar
• Comparison of the different wood decks so you can assess them in terms of appearance, installation, and maintenance
• How to transform an ordinary concrete patio into wood decking by utilizing tiles that snap into place with ease
• Pros and cons of choosing the different surfaces with a pool deck and this may include rubber, natural stone, spray-on coatings, concrete, tile, brick, pavers, etc
• How to find the balance between safety and appearance
• Whether you need cable systems, railings, or any other additional extras
• Deciding whether you need any accessories to make your decking more convenient; you could choose to go with a firepit, hot tub, or perhaps even an outdoor kitchen
• Creating an ambiance with lighting on the decking as well as the steps and surrounding areas so there are no areas of complete darkness when the sun goes down

If the deck is done correctly, it can completely change the landscape of your garden. Not only will it add value to your home for whenever you’re looking to sell, it adds a function when you decide to have friends and family over. Suddenly, you have options to enjoy the sun, have a barbecue, or even just relax with a few drinks rather than sitting inside or paying the extortionate prices at bars and restaurants.

If you’re interesting in adding an outdoor deck to your home, we highly recommend contacting a professional from the very start as they will assess your available space as well as your budget before recommending the right outdoor deck for you!