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The Heights, Texas – A Great Place to Live in Texas

The heights, Texas

Known as “The Heights” to locals, Texas Heights is among the city’s oldest neighborhoods, going back to the early 1900s. In the beginning, the land was purchased by wealthy businessmen who considered it a great residential property.


In the Heights, things are improving. First-time homeowners, empty nesters, families, and migrating purchasers are drawn to the neighborhood’s attractiveness, proximity, and attractions. There are good schools, good food, and a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from.


For those unfamiliar with the Heights, Texas, these places are an excellent attraction to begin with.

1. Heights Mercantile

When owners first opened it in 2013, the Heights Mercantile soon became the most renowned new business in the neighborhood. There are plenty of places to buy and eat around, as well as a nice park for kids just across the road and plenty of greenery to enjoy. It is only a few blocks away, so you can easily explore the rest of the neighborhood.

2. White Oak Drive

It runs across the Heights, Texas, and the southern border is another famous area for entertainment and dining. Many restaurants are available, from informal grills and bars to fine restaurants; it’s a good place if you’re in the mood for coffee, tea, or supper with colleagues.

3. Heights Boulevard

It is the neighborhood’s primary road, cutting right through the heart of the town. It’s hard to believe you’re in the center of one of the most populated cities in the United States when surrounded by classic Victorian mansions and enormous oak trees. Its promenade also has some fantastic artistic projects.

4. Bike Trail and Heights Hike

It is among the most preferred options for outdoor recreation for the people of the Heights. The majority of people in the Heights are within a few miles of each other by foot or bicycle. The Bike and Hike route in the Heights gives residents a chance to get out of the town and experience the great outdoors. Every day, you’ll witness families with strollers, people exercising by jogging and bicycling, and people taking their pets for a walk around the neighborhood.

5. 19th Street

It is often the first destination of visit for tourists visiting the Heights. You may find many shops, cafes, and amenities here. The theater is the place to go if you want to see some live performances. The First Saturday Arts Market and White Linen Night are just two of the fantastic events that take place on 19th Street.

Why Is It the Best Place to Live In?

You must be aware of the following benefits of residing in The heights, Texas:

● Texas Is Less Expensive and Economical

On average, the living cost in The Heights, Texas, is far cheaper than in other significant metropolitan areas like Manhattan or California. When you compare this with no state income tax and high incomes, you may find extra savings in the banks every month if you go to Texas.


A researcher declared the heights of the city with the best value for money. However, keep in mind that Texas is a vast city with a broad range of property costs depending on location. Living near a workplace in a significant city like Texas might save you dollars on commute time and gas, and it may cost you so much in living costs if you live close to affluent districts or downtown.

● Buying a House Is Not a Headache

One of Texas’ most enticing features is its large range of moderately cost home options. In Texas, the typical home price is a little around $300k, and homes are often huge with plenty of yard area to support family living.


In general, properties inside the circle are much more expensive than those in the nearby neighborhoods. In recent years previously run-down districts inside the loop have experienced a rise in development into stylish urban enclaves.


Flooding risk and commute times must be two of the most important factors to consider while choosing an area. Hiring a knowledgeable realtor is more important when you’re new to The heights, Texas, and want to move.

● Excellent Employment Opportunities

The Texas employment sector is also a massive attraction for the town. Texas is an excellent choice for scientists, biologists, and physicians due to its growing gas and oil, medical, aerospace, and technology sectors. The city’s liberal zoning restrictions further blur the distinction between residential and commercial areas. It is pretty unusual to see businesses and offices next to residential homes.


The Heights is the hub of the world’s biggest medical center. Professionals from the world’s most elite colleges go to the Medical Center to work at several clinics.

● Students May Attend Any of Texas’ Finest Universities

There are many schools to consider depending on where you decide to reside in the Heights, Texas. One of the biggest is the HISD. HISD is the biggest school district in Texas, with 284 schools. The more facilities are accessible to children, the bigger the section. Indeed, HISD has received several honors, including recognition in the United States News Best High Schools ranking due to its ambitious AP program development.

● There Is a Lot to Do

The Heights, Texas, offer a distinct combination of Texan culture with a more contemporary metropolitan lifestyle. It is a beautiful city to live in because of several places to visit and activities to do and see, most of which are not available in other areas.

● Texans Are Quite Friendly

The Heights, Texas, has faced its good share of struggles in recent years, especially the devastation caused by the Harvey Hurricane. Texans rallied in force to assist one another in their recovery from the damage. The optimism demonstrated by Texans throughout this catastrophe reflects the town’s spirit and resiliency. Although being the country’s 4th most significant metropolitan area, Texans exude small-town friendliness and warmth.

The Bottom Line

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