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Living in The Heights? GTLAD Is an Expert Landscape Developer

What you should know before moving to the heights

The “Heights” is one of Houston’s most radically transformed neighborhoods and is prime real estate for aspiring homeowners and people moving into town. The affluent neighborhood has a rich history and has become one of the best places to own a property in Houston. The Heights has plenty going for it, from developing new stores and restaurants to plenty of attractions, which has made it one of the hottest places to own residential real estate.

There is rich tradition around the place as many of the homes are made in the old Victorian style and the architecture of the homes is part of the biggest attractions to homeowners that are new to the area. Part of the appeal of living in the Heights is that it is extremely walkable with paths leading to nearby parks and resource centers. You will find plenty of things to do in the Heights and will love the fact that it is so accessible and easy to maneuver around the place.

It was regarded as a low-income neighborhood in the early 1970s and 80s but the region has gone through an uplift and a revival of sorts in the coming years. Nowadays, it is bustling with activities and you can find something to do here in the Heights on any given day. Most residents have chosen to invest in the area because they were interested in buying and restoring historical homes to renovate them or to tear them down and make new constructions.

Amenities and Resources

The Heights is loved by people due to its vast array of different restaurants, stores, and shops. The major draw is the shopping district’s architecture, as it is home to several antique stores, pop-up shops, restaurants, and thrift stores that provide plenty of entertainment to the masses. One of the major draws to the area is the first Saturday of every month, as that is when there is live music, art, plants, and crafts contributed to by the locals.

The Heights is also one of the most walkable neighborhoods as many of its establishments are within a couple of blocks from the residential district. Therefore, if you love walking and traveling to places by foot, you will love the fact that this neighborhood has paths made for you to walk on. The homes in the area date back to the 1800s but the old Victorian-style architecture is one of the biggest draws for the people who don’t want to live in the modern apartments and bungalows of the suburbs.

You will find plenty of historic properties that you can restore to new here, and that is one of the biggest draws to living in an area like the Heights. The best part about it is that you will feel like you have been transported back in history to the 1800s and feel a little bit of history in every part of the town. There are old structures that are completely intact and older homes that have been renovated with new features here that bring many people to live in the Heights.

Is Living in the Heights Right for You?

There are plenty of new constructions taking place in the Heights, and if you’re looking to move into a new area and want to consider living in the Heights, then there is plenty for you to do and see. You will love living in the Heights if you:

● Are a Lover of Older Style Architecture

The businesses, stores, and homes in the area are all featuring an old Victorian design, and you won’t find that anywhere else in the city. If you are a fan of older architecture and don’t want the modern approach of the homes in the suburbs, then this is the place for you.

● Want to Live in a Diverse and Thriving Community

The community and population in the Heights are some of the most energetic and interesting that you are likely to come across in the Houston area. There are plenty of musicians, artists, and hipsters that call the Heights home and you will come across an assortment of people from different cultural backgrounds while living here. If that sounds like the ideal place to live for you, then you will love living in the Heights.

● You Love Walking to Places

Even though there are numerous major streets and multiple highways in the area, the main appeal of the Heights is that it is extremely walkable. There are several trails and sidewalks that are meant for pedestrians and you will find it irresistible to walk around thanks to the numerous pop-up shops and antique stores that will come along on your path.

● You Want to Be Part of a Growing Neighborhood

The history of the Heights is part of its appeal and it has come a long way since the 1970s and 80s. The area is on an upward trajectory and is part of the reason so many people want to invest in homes in the region. If you find the right property here, you can have a home that will continue rising in value over the years and will be living in an area that you love.

The Bottom Line

Living in the Heights is not for everyone, but if you have found the right property for you here, then you will love living here and spending your time here. If you have been looking for the ideal property in the Heights and have found one right for you, then you need an expert landscape developer to bring the property to life and give it that modern touch that you want.

That is where an expert landscaping and designing service such as GTLAD can help. They offer various designing and landscaping solutions that will bring your property to life and add value to it.