It’s in the Details

Building a home of your own is probably one of the most rewarding things in life whether as a single independent individual or one that is starting a family. Having a home is a very important investment to make and maintain.  Your home should ideally be safe, comfortable and more importantly, should serve as your own little place in the world that reflects your style, taste and personality without sacrificing function.

Whether it is a new home altogether or one that needs some renovations and tweaking, the process of building and designing a home should be fun, personal and creative. A beautiful landscape not only increases its value but also its functionality. It would be more ideal to entertain guests, build a grill area and host cook outs or simply enjoy the scenery while reading a book or playing with the kids.

Investing Aesthetically

Home improvements could be as grand as constructing a pool with a Jacuzzi for family and friends to enjoy all year round, or as simple and inexpensive as planting flowers on your front yard to add color and character. Some homeowners do not mind investing on a lot of luxurious additions such as spas, indoor tennis courts, marvelous fire pits, grand kitchens, among others because the moments spent in these created spaces are priceless.

Having a home requires responsibility to maintain it and think of ways to improve it aesthetic wise and function wise. Nice homes that look functional, creative and beautiful increase in value. Homes that have lovely landscapes, cleared backyards, power washed driveways, great looking pavements and walk ways are very appealing to yourself, your guests and even potential buyers in case you decide to sell it in the future.

GTLAD Design & Construction Services

One of Houston’s leading and most reputable construction company, Green Thumb Stone and Landscaping Design Inc. or GTLAD, has been around for 25 years providing a variety of services from landscapes, construction of outdoor kitchens, fountains, fencing, fire pits, wood burning fireplaces, patios, walkways, driveways, among others. They are the perfect professionals to seek for any home improvement ideas anyone has in mind.

For over 25 years, GTLAD has serviced both residents and commercial space owners in Houston and neighboring communities. The great thing about GTLAD is their client-oriented approach where personal meetings are conducted to make sure that clients needs, wants and vision are understood and will be met. Everything could be customized according to the client’s preferences. They provide sketches, suggestions and costing estimates to ensure that the construction and design process becomes as smooth as possible.

GTLAD’s website provides a list of all their services as well as videos and photos of their past projects. Moreover, there are testimonials and reviews from past clients to give everyone and idea on how GTLAD provides their services and the quality of their work.

Beautifying and improving the place that is closest to you could be a stressful endeavor but having amiable and skilled professionals who will be with you every step of the way definitely makes the entire process definitely memorable in itself.