Fountains and Water Features

Fountains and Water Features

A water feature can turn a dismal backyard into an inviting retreat. Installing one will not only increase the value of your property but also add to your home’s ambiance, becoming a soothing and tranquil alternative to other background noises, like cars or lawnmowers.

Here at Green Thumb Landscaping and Design, we will work with you to design the perfect water feature for your yard. Our professionals know how to blend your water feature seamlessly into your existing landscape and architecture from a small pond or a subtle fountain. In addition, it will add a special touch of sparkle.

 As a full-service landscaping company serving the Houston area, we are experienced in providing custom water features, such as:


Fountains are a beautiful way to spice up your garden! At Green Thumb Landscaping and Design, we can install any type of fountain for you. So, for a bubbling or a small fountain, we have you covered. But, if you want a stand-alone jet fountain, you’ll find no better place than Green Thumb.

Our bubbling fountains create a soothing sound and come in a variety of styles. Whether your preference is for an urn-style or stone or marble materials, these fountains are the perfect accent among flowers and plants. In addition, our jet fountains provide drama to the landscape with their high-powered water jets.

To complete a gorgeous outdoor design, you could add underwater or floating lights to create a romantic glow. A fountain will complement the ambiance of your home and make it a tranquil space for daytime relaxation and nighttime enjoyment. 


When you want to impress visitors, you need an outdoor space that is a little more upscale. A pond can make your exterior look unique and feel more appealing. You can make your backyard or patio into a relaxing spot by installing water plants and fish.

Whether they are large or small, ponds make a statement in your backyard. You can recreate your favorite locations from around the world — be it the beach or a lake. We’ll help you design a pond that you love.

You get all of the fun and relaxation of a pond with zero maintenance. Imagine that! The best part about ponds is how low maintenance they are. You can enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor oasis without having to spend your time caring for frogs, fish, or aquatic plants.


A well-designed stream can make any backyard feel complete. Stream builders and designers create these features to look like they’re a natural part of the environment. From design to installation, construction, and maintenance, stream builders are experts in this field.


We’ll help you reach the perfect balance between artificial and natural features by installing waterfalls that will provide years of enjoyment, even when you’re not at home. Our waterfalls can serve as an attractive investment that will increase the value of your home. If you have limited space, we also offer a smaller option: pondless waterfalls.