Pools and Spas

Pools and Spas

Whether residential or commercial property, constructing a pool and a spa can be a beautiful addition to your compound. Aside from entertainment purposes, you can get immense health benefits with such an addition. In short, you can transform your property into a paradise.

Whether you are thinking of an in-ground, above-the-ground pool, or spa, Green Thumb Landscaping and Design got you covered. Our team of experts is here to help you turn your dream into a reality.

Inground and Above Ground Pools

We understand that your pool is a representation of your character. Our professional team will therefore discuss with you the desires you have. They will also present to you additional options to add to your design. Once you give your approval, the installation process will begin, transforming your yard into what will give your family joy.

If you are more interested in the above-ground pool, then we have you covered. That is a viable option that is financially friendly yet durable and easy to set up. Like we have different inground pool designs, there are also above-ground pools of different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Benefits of Pools and Spas

Enjoy your backyard oasis. Stressed out and feeling the heat? Imagine coming home from work to a refreshing swim in your pool. The stresses of your day will disappear as you enjoy the peace and relaxation of your summertime getaway. Your backyard oasis awaits. After a long day, we all feel the need for an escape. However, studies have shown that having some time to unwind and relax can reduce the adverse effects of stress in your life.

Improve your health. A pool and spa can have a significant effect on your physical and mental health. It’s one of the many reasons why people custom build their backyard pools. Spas have many beneficial qualities, including reducing stress levels, improving blood circulation, and alleviating many health problems. In addition, exercising in the pool is a great way to boost your physical and mental health.

Entertain family and guests. If you like hosting BBQs, a custom pool and spa will make it extra special. Pool parties are fun for all ages and are an excellent way for parents and children to spend time together. Plus, pools and spas keep you cool all summer long.

Boost curb appeal. You’ve always wanted to own a beautiful pool and spa, but you’ve never been able to justify the expense. However, if you decide to sell your home someday, it will undoubtedly be worth the money. A custom pool and spa will wow prospective home buyers, giving them a luxurious feeling when they walk through your front door. 

The Installation Process

Our team will leave you off the swimming pool process and guide you through the entire process to completion. We have a standard procedure that our team uses throughout the whole process. You can thus have all your concerns addressed and give your input to ensure the end product is what you intended. 

A custom-made swimming pool is an investment that you can carry into your future for the pleasure, fun, and relaxation of your entire family. Your satisfaction is our joy, and we do all that we can to supersede your expectations.

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If you have already settled it in your mind that you want a pool and spa, contact us. We will ensure that we turn your yard into a paradise.