Green Thumb Landscaping & Design Pergolas

When you purchase any pergola from Green Thumb Landscaping and Design, you’ll be protected from installation and material defects. Since Green Thumb uses only the most durable and weather-resistant materials, you can be confident it will stand the test of time. Despite looking like natural cedar, it’s actually aluminum so you shouldn’t have to worry about repainting any time soon. Additionally, all pergolas are treated with a high quality finish so any stains should wash away with a little water.

When you choose Green Thumb, you can save money because the whole process is done quickly from fabrication to installation. Once you’ve decided you want to go ahead, the pergola will normally be up and ready to use within around two days and this is thanks to a superb team of pergola installers.

No matter the weather, you won’t see Green Thumb pergolas rusting, peeling, or cracking and you can also keep termites and rotting at bay. To finish, all materials are also environmentally-friendly. Since they’re made from aluminum, the whole structure can be recycled according to the Green Building Initiative.

Finding Affordable Pergolas in Houston

If you’re looking at your outdoor space wondering what to do next, have you ever considered a pergola? Nowadays, designs are simple and affordable with four posts and a lattice roof made from cedar or pressure-treated pine. Of the two, pine is generally the more affordable option but cedar is the better if you want your pergola to look as good in 15 years as it does upon installation.

Without needing all sorts of chemicals, cedar boards are naturally weather, water, and pest-resistant since they’re cut from the center of trees. In addition to this, the color suits the majority of backyard designs and it even smells refreshing.

Houston Pergolas – When looking for pergolas, you’ll find options all over Houston in home improvement stores and the like. However, you should always consider your needs first and this starts with its intended function. Is it purely an accessory or will you be entertaining friends and cooking BBQs? Depending on this answer, you’ll then know whether to go for a small or large design. From here, you can get in contact with stores or come straight to Green Thumb Landscaping and Design where we can meet your needs.

With custom-built designs and high-quality materials, Green Thumb has been building pergolas for the people of Houston for many years and there’s no plans to end this any time soon. Depending on what you need, you could have a small accent or even one big enough to fit a table and chairs!

Building a Pergola in Houston

As you may know, there are two main ways to obtain a pergola for your backyard. As well as building one yourself in a DIY project, you could also get in contact with a trusted landscaping company or contractor who could do it on your behalf. For the most part, a DIY pergola would take one weekend to complete as long as the skills are in place to do it properly. If you have a patio in place already, this makes the job even easier. If you plan to have the pergola set into the yard, this will require more effort as a foundation will need to be laid.

If you don’t want to risk mistakes or would rather a professional take charge for you, please feel free to get in touch with Green Thumb Landscaping and Design today. After the initial consultation, Green Thumb can build a specialized pergola to meet your specifications. With friendly and experienced staff, Green Thumb will adhere to your schedule before walking you through the process. If you’re happy with design and ideas, an estimate will be next and they can get started as soon as you give the nod!