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Best Organic Fertilizers For Your Home Oasis

Best Organic Fertilizers

For decades, it was wrongly believed that in order to obtain high crop yields farmers need to use chemical fertilizers. It has now been proven that using organic fertilizers can be just as effective yet much safer for the consumer and the environment.

10 Best Organic Fertilizers that Are Safe For Consumer and Environment

And are free from phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen

Chemical fertilizer is made to have a very high concentration of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus that is then quickly absorbed by the plant while the leftovers get into the soil through the absorption of water thus poisoning the water supply.

Moreover, chemical fertilizers do not contain any minerals or other beneficial microelements that without the soil gets depleted and future yields will suffer.

Plus, crops, fruits and vegetables after the use of chemical fertilizer will still contain traces of it hence you will then eat that and absorb it into your body.

Furthermore, a lot of fertilizers when used in combination with insecticides and pesticides becomes the perfect formula for poisoning your crops.

On the other side, organic fertilizers will provide your crops with the necessary minerals and other microorganisms needed for healthy and fast growth.

Product Comparison Table

Name of Organic Fertilizer Volume TypeForSafe for young plantsAvailable in other formsView on Amazon
Fox Farm473 mlLiquidPlants and FruitsYesNoCheck Price Read Reviews
Organic Plant Magic0.5 lb.PowderAll typesYesYesCheck Price Read Reviews
Chicken Fuel3 lb.PowderAll typesYesNoCheck Price Read Reviews
Shin Nong3 lb.PowderAll typesNoNoCheck Price Read Reviews
Neptune’s Harvest946 mlLiquidAll typesYesNoCheck Price Check Reviews
Earthworm Technologies100 capsulesCapsulesPlants and LawnNoNoCheck Price Check Reviews
Espoma 4 lb.PowderAll typesYesNoCheck Price Check Reviews
Jobe’s 50 spikesSpikesAll typesYesNoCheck Price Check Reviews
Humboldts240 mlLiquidAll typesYesNoCheck Price Check Reviews
Sea-903 poundPowderAll typesYesNoCheck Price Check Reviews

Product Reviews

  1. Fox Farm Liquid Organic Fertilizer for Plants and Fruit Bushes

A safe alternative to chemical fertilizers, this organic one can be used on a variety of plants and trees including your lawn.

Customers have reported liking the ease of use as well as fully organic components that will not get into your food or poison the water supply.

The manufacturer has specifically invented a micro-brewed formula that includes casting from earthworm as well as bat guano.

It is highly recommended to use this organic fertilizer for flowers and blooming fruit trees as customers said it significantly increases the fragrance and essential oil production.

What we liked:

  • Only organic ingredients
  • Fast shipping
  • Great for plants and fruit trees
  • Increases flower fragrance and essential oil production
  • Safe to use on all types
  • The large bottle will last a while

What we didn’t like:

  • Some bottles arrived damaged and leaked
  • Might not help if your plants are already dying
  • Not available in other forms
  1. Organic 100% Magic Plant Food for Outdoor and Indoor Plants

An easy to use an organic fertilizer that just needs to be mixed with water as per the clear instructions on the bottle, that the manufacturer has provided.

Customers have reported that the liquid fertilizer quickly dissolves and does not burn the plants plus it can be used on loam, sand, soil and even clay.

It works to provide your favourite plants and flowers with the most needed nutrients for healthy growth and green leaves.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your children or pets’ playing with the soil as it is 100% safe for everybody.

Plus, you can use at all stages of your plant’s life including when you just plant new seeds, the fertilizer will provide them with beneficial minerals and nutrients needed to thrive.

The fertilizer does not break into salts like many other chemical fertilizers do hence you don’t have to worry about your water supply getting contaminated.

What we liked:

  • Clear instruction
  • Can be used at any stage of a plants life
  • 100% safe for children and pets
  • Only needs to be mixed with water
  • Does not break into salts

What we didn’t like:

  • Some customers have reported getting mould once they used the fertilizer
  • Long shipping
  • Not available in powder form
  1. Chicken Fuel OMRI Listed Organic Compost Fertilizer Bag

This chicken manure fertilizer has been tested and certified by OMRI as organic and safe to use on all kinds of plants and trees including around children with pets.

The three-pound bag can be mixed with water as per the instructions to produce over 50 gallons of liquid fertilizer that you can use to obtain much healthier and larger yielding produce.

The production is always controlled by quality specialists hence you be sure that you are getting a premium powdered chicken manure fertilizer.

Moreover, it can be used with other similar fertilizers for even added effect and it can be used on any level of the soil.

What we liked:

  • OMRI certified
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Makes about 50 gallons
  • Can be used around small children and pets
  • Affordable

What we didn’t like:

  • The odour was reported to be nauseating
  • Can burn plants if instructions are not properly followed
  • Not available in smaller bags for sampling
  1. Shin Nong Pro-Organic All Purpose Fertilizer with OMRI certification

A family made organic fertilizer for all type of plants and trees including lawn and flowers. Shin Nong has been tested for chemicals and found to be 100% made of composted natural ingredients.

As such, it is suitable to be used when planting seeds and around plantations that children and pets visit.

Moreover, in 2015 Shin Nong fertilizer has been ranked as number 1 fertilizer in Japan by large consumer voting.

The fertilizer works to deliver all the necessary ingredients to the roots while providing the plant with microorganisms required for strong stems and green leaves.

Plus, it helps build a much larger root system that in turn can hold much more water and nutrients from the fertilizers.

Customers who have bought this fertilize and used it said that they observed their plants becoming greener and much more resistant to mould and other diseases.

What we liked:

  • Makes plants resistant to mould and other diseases
  • Efficient and economical
  • Organically certified
  • High-quality control
  • Large volume
  • Affordable

What we didn’t like:

  • Instructions were reported to be not very clear
  • Some customers complained of poor customer support
  • Long shipping
  1. Neptune’s Harvest Organic and Hydrolyzed Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer

A great organic fertilizer made from fish and seaweed compost, it works the best since it combines the two most nutritious ingredients.

Both seaweed and fish have been used for decades as they give the most natural sugars to the plant leaves thereby making them healthy and green.

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer has been reported to revitalize the plants even in very hot and dry environments where little rain is available.

Some customers even reported their fruit and vegetable yield to have much longer shelf life compared to yields without the fertilizer.

The fertilizer is fairly easy to use as all that you would need to do is dilute the required amount of liquid fertilizer in the water then use a spray bottle or a foliar watering system to evenly spread it across the needed area.

What we liked:

  • Great mix of fish and seaweed components
  • Long lasting
  • Helps yield have a longer shelf life
  • Can be used to revitalize even in a dry environment
  • Easy to use and spray

What we didn’t like:

  • Some plants might not like the seaweed fertilizer
  • Very strong and unpleasant odour has been reported
  • Not safe for cats and dogs
  1. Earthworm Technology Indoor Plant Fertilizer in Capsules

An award-winning organic fertilizer that is very easy to use without getting your hands dirty or smelly. The capsules contain a unique formula compromising of forest compost, mushrooms, amino acids and added bacteria.

It has been proven to help plants build strong root system with accurate and green stems with leaves that are much more resistant to dust fungi and other plant diseases.

Moreover, some customers have reported the capsule fertilizer to improve yield, seed germination and yield tasting qualities.

It can be used on soil, sand and clay plus it is safe to use around children and pets as well as keep the fertilized even in the kitchen as it is 100% chemical free and safe.

It is very easy to use as you would need to only use the capsule without the usual ritual of wearing gloves and measuring the fertilizer.

What we liked:

  • Award-winning fertilizer
  • Biodegradable packaging and soy ink printing
  • Suitable for all types of plants and flowers
  • Easy to use
  • Odourless and dust not soil hands

What we didn’t like:

  • Pricey
  • Amount of fertilizer cannot be controlled
  • Not available in other forms
  • Not all plants have shown signs of improving after fertilizer use
  1. Tomato-tone 4 pound Bag of Organic Plant Fertilizer

An all organic fertilizer that can be either spread or mixed with water to obtain a liquid solution. Tomato-tone fertilizer is 100%organic and very easy to use plus it is suitable for all type of plants.

Farmers have reported getting a much higher yield in addition to longer shelf life and better tasting qualities.

The manufacturers have specifically tested and developed a fertilizer that is to be used when growing all type of tomatoes.

It works to give you juiciest and plumpest tomatoes you could possibly get; moreover, the formula is rich in nutrients as it contains over 15 different minerals and other components.

The formulas have been university tested and proven to work even in less than perfect environment plus it does not contain any chemicals or toxins.

What we liked:

  • University tested formula
  • Specifically developed for growing tomatoes
  • Gives much more mature and juicier harvest
  • Easy to use and store
  • 100% chemical free formula

What we didn’t like:

  • Suitable only for tomatoes
  • Pricey compared to other fertilizers
  • Available in one weight only
  1. Jobe’s Vegetable Organic Spikes 50 Count

Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer is a form of spikes that are easy to use because you would not need to measure the right amount of fertilizer and then mix with water.

Moreover, your hands will stay clean and dry plus these spikes do not have any unpleasant odours. These spikes have been tested and certified by OMRI and USDA as organic and safe to be used on all plants as well as non-toxic to children and pets.

Furthermore, these fertilizer spikes are made with Jobe’s unique biozome formula that has been said to make plants grow faster and better as well as have a much stronger root system.

Consequently, farmers can get much higher yields from their crops without having to use chemical fertilizers that poison the water system once they penetrate through soils.

Jobe’s fertilizer is made only from natural and organic ingredients thus it does not contain any synthetic particles or potassium, phosphates and magnesium.

Also, these spikes have been reported to help plants fight off disease, mould and fatal insects that can kill large areas of planted crops.

What we liked:

  • No mess fertilizer in the form of spikes
  • Does not contain synthetic particles
  • Helps get higher yields
  • Improves plants root system
  • Affordable
  • Fast shipping

What we didn’t like:

  • Only available in spike form
  • Customer service is not very good
  • Not suitable for seeds as this fertilizer will burn them
  1. Humboldt’s Organic Secret Best Plant for Flowers and Trees in Liquid Form

Humboldt’s Organic Liquid Fertilizer is great for plants and trees as it helps them stay strong and resistant to various disease and plaques.

Moreover, it is available in many bottle sizes hence you can always purchase a smaller bottle for a trial to see how your plants and trees will react to it.

Plus, a small amount of this fertilizer goes a long way as a 2-ounce bottle will give you over 28 gallons in the end when mixed with water.

It has been scientifically proven to increase the yield amount by 20% while decreasing the harvest time by close to 50%.

It can also be used for garden plants, flowers as well as lawns and tomatoes. Also, it is compatible with all mediums including hydroponics, coco, soil, DWC and Aeroponics.

What we liked:

  • Small bottle makes about 50 gallons of water
  • Organic
  • Helps revitalize almost dead plants
  • Full of needed nutrients and minerals

What we didn’t like:

  • Customers have reported an extremely pungent odour
  • Long shipping
  • Lack of customer support
  • Pricey compared to other similar fertilizers
  1. SEA-90 Organic Fertilizer for Hydroponics 5 Pound Bag

SEA-90 powder fertilizer is great because it is completely odorless, unlike other organic fertilizers that stink miles away and can be very unpleasant to use.

Moreover, it is completely water soluble and can be used to make a water solution that you could then put into a spray bottle and use on your flowers, plants, trees and even lawn.

Customers have reported this SEA-90 fertilizer to be great for citrus trees and bushes as it highly increases yield percentage of oranges, lemons, and limes.

Plus, this fertilizer is suitable to be used on all living plants and trees plus it safe to be used around children and pets.

The odour is bearable while the solution is completely colourless and is available in several volume options.

What we liked:

  • Almost odourless
  • Completely organic
  • Suitable for all plants and trees
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Great for citrus trees

What we didn’t like:

  • Long shipping
  • Can burn seeds
  • Poor customer support
  • The instructions are not very clear

How to choose the right organic fertilizer?

Before you go out shopping for a good organic fertilizer, always test your soil to see what minerals and microelements are missing.

Depending on these results, you can then decide what organic fertilizer will help you the most.

Knowing the existing composition of your soil is vital to picking the best organic fertilizer that will help your plants grow strong and healthy.

Nowadays, there are many soil tests that you can purchase at gardening centres and even big supermarkets plus they are affordable and easy to use.

These tests normally test the soil for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels. However, if you live in a small town where such tests are not available then you could take a sample of your soil to an agro state laboratory as most will offer such soil tests.

Next, you would want to research what exact minerals your plant will need as the requirement will change depending on the type of trees, plants and flowers you are planning on keeping in your garden.

Soil acidity is another very important aspect that you would need to look at because if the acidity is too high then it is very likely that your plants will burn.