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How to Decorate a House With No Money

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There are few things more exciting in life than moving into a new home such as learning how to decorate a house with no money. However, the prospect of decorating it can be enough to send even the most enthusiastic homeowner’s heart sinking. If your bank balance is anything less than six figures, then you’ll know how daunting the thought of furnishing your new pad with designer furniture and high-end electronics can be. 

But don’t despair! With these simple tips and tricks for decorating your home with no money, you’ll be able to make your house look like it belongs on the pages of a glossy magazine in no time.

Decorating With Items You Already Have

It’s a great feeling to create an interior design scheme without spending any money. You can do this by looking around your house and finding items that you haven’t used in a while or that don’t suit your home’s current look.

If you need some inspiration, you can check out some fantastic interior design blogs on the internet. You will thus see what other people have to say about their homes as part of their decorating techniques. 

Furnishings need to fit together like a puzzle to make an inviting space feel like the most natural part of your home. Therefore, this will provide an uninterrupted flow of light and views out of each room without the addition of dividers or mirrors. Instead, use firm sheets of hanger board that allow you to hang them as needed without taking up too much space.

I know it’s going to be quite challenging, especially since you are not an interior designer. So here are some tips that should help you do it just fine;


One of the easiest ways to make your home feel fresh is to rearrange the furniture you have. A first step to learning how to decorate a house with no money. Consider something different, such as splitting up your living room couch or putting your bed on the opposite wall. Changing your end table to the other side of your favorite chair can also make a big difference and give you a new experience.

Rearranging is either easy or time-consuming. If you have a setup you like and want to stick with it, try changing out the table items in your living room. If you don’t have a lot of space or money for new furniture, move in some accessories or lamps you’ve always wanted.


Do you have any paint lying around? Renovating an old piece of furniture is so easy! Just sand down the surface, choose a fresh coat of paint, and you are good to go. The effect is subtle, but the change is noticeable. You can find a variety of items at local thrift stores or flea markets to start with. Bookcases are an excellent choice because they have an interesting effect when you paint the back wall.

Coating your outdated knick-knacks in a coat of white paint can give them a new lease on life. Try painting a few frames and flowerpots glossy white or any solid color. The result is a chic and uniform collection of accessories that look amazing on the bookshelf.

Bring Your House to Life With Accent Colors!

Are you looking for a way to add some life, color, how to decorate a house with no money and punch to your room? Consider adding a contrasting color to space. You can do this by adding items in red or orange or with shades of pink. For example, load up on ribbons and tie them back on blue curtains or tie them on white lampshades in color.

I’ve just given you the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things you can try out to bring your dusty items back to life.

Using Creative Solutions to Replace Pricey Items

A lot of people use this technique to replace things they can’t afford with cheaper alternatives. For example, if you want an expensive lampshade, you’d look for a similar one only for a fairer amount from a local store. Enough eh? That is fine if your goal is to avoid paying exorbitant prices at stores such as Anthropologie or Passerini London. 

Context matters here, though; if you’re trying to save a significant amount on the lampshade and you realize its price exceeds your budget, you might want to reconsider! Besides, you can easily purchase these items from specialized stores. Look for brands such as At Home or Big Lots. These brands will have decor pieces of high quality and much more affordable than what you can find elsewhere. 

Additionally, they will have items such as materials, belt loops, and stitching that will be of higher quality than you can find online. Finally, not all house decor items must be expensive; if you can find your items for a reasonable price, go for it! 

Luckily, we have other options to choose from! First, of course, several brands of novelty decor are made of cardboard, felt, or fake metal. But feel free to treat yourself and use cheap items such as newspaper wrappers as door panels or bookends. 

Faux fur is a popular alternative to faux leather, and you can find it in many stores. Look for items such as teddy bears, rhinestones, and ornaments. These items can throw an exciting pop into your decor and help you make your new home more eye-catching!

Upcycling Old Furniture for a Cheap but Stylish, Update

Upcycling is the process of taking items that are no longer wanted or are considered to be trash and transforming them into something of better quality or with environmental value. I like to think of it as re-purposing.

Using up unwanted items allows you to choose things that can get another use. For example, furniture can go to the dump. One of my primary sources of upcycling is a scrap metal marketplace that’s practically littered with functional household items.

Upcycling is the hot new trend, and every city has its fair share of upcycling stores. Upcycled products reflect the desire for customers to have quality goods that are also environmentally friendly. The upcycled ethos is about being smart about what you purchase and knowing your own home and lifestyle well enough to make informed decisions.

Again, the macrocosm is the Internet — I highly recommend this resource for everything and anything scrap metal that you could think of. If you cannot seem to get the items you need for how to decorate a house with no money locally, then the Internet will give you access to an ocean of decor items.

With the help of the Internet, all you need is to google the second-hand items available in your area. You will see stores selling upcycle decors, but they can be expensive. So better yet, you might get your cheap items from someone across the neighborhood. Individual sellers are a way better way to buy your second-hand decors without emptying your pockets. They might want what you have and vice versa.

Another way you could benefit from upcycling is by giving the items you already have a new look. Of course, I’m talking about doing things like converting your old T-shirt into a pillow cover. That’s quite something, huh! Here are some more upcycling ideas you could use in learning how to decorate a house with no money.

Get Creative With Your Walls for Free Wallpaper Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate a house with no money but don’t have the budget to splurge on the wallpaper, we’ve got you covered. See more ideas below;

1. Painting a Wall Can Be Fun, but You Can Also Use Wallpaper to Get Creative With Your Walls

You can create an entire story out of wallpaper that tells a visual narrative. For example, you can have a wall with different shades of blue to represent the ocean. You can have another wall with a few different shades of green to represent a forest. Or even have a wall with varying shades of brown to represent a desert.

You can work with the colors that already decorate your home or choose from palettes. Although it may be tempting to go for more vibrant colors, try balance instead. Solid colors do best for your furniture and most of your décor — but you can still apply softer colors.

Using lilacs in a bedroom or earthy greens for the worktops will work all compliments of a natural color scheme. A great way to help add texture to your space is by painting your walls with soft pastel colors and fading them with richer, more intense hues.

A favorite painting tip for many artists is to prime your wall before painting. You can prime either by painting directly over the existing paint with your brush or apply a base coat of another color first before painting the wall itself.

If you use a brush, make sure to coat the entire wall with at least two coats. That will help prepare the texture of the brickwork for painting. Then, paint with a modified non-slip brush. Assuming you choose to paint over existing paint, you won’t have to paint over the whole wall, as you can paint around imperfections.

After you paint your walls, you should leave them to dry for at least 24 hours. If possible, use a clothesline to dry your walls out quickly. 

2. Wallpaper Is a Great Way to Completely Change the Look of Your Home in a Cost-Effective Manner

The easiest way to get a new look for your home is to get new wallpaper. You can either buy it or DIY it. Then, you can paint the wall covering can, whether it’s a dark color or light. The look you would want is up to you. 

There are many different designs, so you know what you are looking for. Either way, you can get either a stylish light wallpaper or a bold design without any care or difficulty. We show you how you can get both so you can add color and style to any room in your house. 

Step 1

Buy a clear transparent wallpaper. You can ask the painter to match the color of the wall behind you to the wallpaper. It should be clear and white/pewter (not fluorescent).

Step 2 

Decide what designs you would like on the wall. For example, one can change a black wallpaper to a graphic wall as it is just a design created by painting and not by covering. The same applies to red or yellow designs. 

3. You Can Create an Entire Theme With Just One Room by Switching up Wallpaper Patterns and Colors

When you’re decorating, you don’t need to paint the entire room to create a new look. Just changing up the wallpapers can give any room a completely new look and feel. That is the same way you can make an entire theme with just one room by switching up wallpaper patterns and colors. Paint colors are relatively simple to replace. With the help of different paint colors, you can create a whole new look.

You can treat yourself to a unique wallpaper for a specific room or wall if you have many different colors. These combinations can range from subtle or straightforward to bold or garish. However, don’t confuse simple with dull. 

If you’ve got a bathroom, this is a great way to give your space a fresh vibe without costing a fortune. For example, you can turn toilet paper blue and use it to create a cheery turquoise hue for shower doors and shower seats. Or choose a splash of pastel paint to make a simple pastel aqua blue accent behind the mirror. We don’t need to spend a fortune to transform our bathrooms into beautiful spaces. 

Change up the look of your stall with one of these colorful and fun wallpaper designs. Spark joy by creating a cheerful environment in your bathroom. A favorite playroom or bedroom could turn into a welcoming spot for new fun and adventures when you add a colorful print for a welcoming effect.

Don’t Let Your Lack of Money Stop You From Decorating!

Money is always a little tight, but you can still have a beautiful home. Here are a few how to decorate a house with no money tricks that you can try:

  1. Think of ways to use furniture that don’t cost anything. You can always paint it and get a new look if you don’t like the original colors. Some people want to cover their furniture with fabric covers or slipcovers. 
  2. For rugs, try putting newspaper underneath them instead of buying a new one! 
  3. Add accessories such as plants or pictures to your walls when decorating.
  4. And remember, even if you have no money, you can still find ways to make your home look expensive without spending any cash! For example, try using items around your house as visual sources, such as flowers, pots, or candles.
  5. Lay a rug in every room! Rugs are an affordable way to add style to a room, and even if they don’t match, they can help tie the room together. If you have hangers on your wall, it is more likely that a rug will end up in your room. 
  6. Frame a bed on the wall! Taking regular advantage of the wall space available, frame one or two low-cost lighted mirrors of different sizes hanging off the wall. You can add any accessories you wish to your mirror frame, like pillows and throw pillows. 
  7. Use mirrors! Used in conjunction with microfiber darkrooms, mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms can help make space appear more elegant. In addition, they’re much easier to clean than frescos and other natural light accents. Try hanging a few mirrors above closets, on walls, or the sides of bookshelves, ensuring that at least one of your rooms has soft lighting.
  8. Add books! Lined up and stacked on top of each other, books in drawers and chests make fabulous décor and are an affordable way of adding style to a room.

Let’s Wrap it Up on How to Decorate a House With No Money

There are many ways on how to decorate a house with no money. For example, you can exchange items you do not use with those you’d like for your home. Similarly, you can change the use of some of your things, as we have demonstrated. If you have any difficulty changing the look of your house by yourself, you can always contact a professional.