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The Best 21 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

outdoor kitchen ideas

If you are a regular entertainer with a lineup of family and friends, outdoor kitchen ideas will work like magic. And at such a time when the weather is warm and friendly, you can have your guest freely mill and mingle without the restrictiveness of an indoor kitchen as you grill.

But there are other reasons to love an outdoor kitchen. A typical outdoor kitchen expands your space such that you can make use of those kitchen appliances you wouldn’t have comfortably used in your indoor kitchen. Think of that pizza oven or flat-top grail. You can utilize these better out at the patio or even in your backyard.

Outdoor kitchen experts say that the spacious layout can now accommodate several cooks so that while some will be cooking, others can be mixing drinks and other kitchen chores. However, the best of all is that you save a significant amount of money on utility bills. You must already have an inkling of how much a hotter kitchen in an equally hotter season can make the air conditioning work so much harder than usual.

But just as much as we would all want to have an outdoor kitchen in our home, we might not know where to begin. Perhaps you do not know the budget, layout, size, and materials for this home addition. Suppose you have no knowledge of the codes and regulations, lighting, and climate-appropriate for an outdoor kitchen in your location, then even just thinking about it can be tricky.

You shouldn’t despair. Check out some of the outdoor kitchen ideas and designs you can use.

1. Outdoor Kitchen with Clay Pizza Oven

Pizza night is something on which you and your loved ones can bond. And what a better way than doing it with an outdoor pizza oven. So one of the outdoor kitchen ideas I would recommend is an Outdoor Kitchen with a clay pizza oven.

This southwest-style outdoor kitchen type is wood powered and is spacious enough to accommodate multiple pizzas. Outdoor kitchen experts advise you to enclose the kitchen space with adobe eves for a finished feel. Adobe also adds warmth and a nice glow to your stainless-steel appliances. The kitchen has a wood stacking area and an almost perfect countertop.

2. The Secret Kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

I would mention Secret kitchen any time because of its outdoor-friendly features. This kitchen design utilizes your patio with limestone flooring. Although it isn’t massive, as it takes roughly 8-by-12 feet, this outdoor kitchen still serves the purpose with kitchen storage perfectly hidden behind the counter and the grill. Additionally, you can only access the kitchen through Simpson sliding barn doors which also aid in protecting your appliances from the elements.

3. Agrarian Kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Agrarian kitchen

Another of the outdoor kitchen ideas I love is the Agrarian kitchen. Your typical agrarian outdoor kitchen should be close to your backyard. As the name suggests, there should be a semblance of vegetables growing by, making it easier for fresh food consumption. But the kitchen can be an exciting gathering ground for family and friends who might value living closer to the land and utilizing what the exact same land offers. 

4. Grain Silo Kitchen, Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Of the most attractive outdoor kitchen ideas I have come across is the Grain Silo outdoor kitchen. It takes designing your outdoor kitchen from galvanized material and having it sitting strategically in your backyard. This kitchen type is among the very best as you can close it up after use and have your appliances safe from when mother nature comes calling.

5. Urban Farm Outdoor Kitchen

Urban Farm Outdoor Kitchen

It does not matter that you are within the bustling city. You can still bring a farm-themed outdoor kitchen where you are and enjoy its immense benefits. So, prepare part of your backyard with a concrete slab flooring and a countertop that houses a working space and grill. You can encircle the tiny place with simple décor like the livestock troughs. While at it, including a chalkboard to help you outline and specify the day’s menu.

6. Free-Standing Brick Unit, Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Free-Standing Brick Unit Outdoor Kitchen

Did you know one of the most straightforward outdoor kitchen designs is the Free-standing brick unit? It doesn’t take much of your creativeness yet serves the ultimate purpose. Once you apply your masonry skills to bring the bricks to life, you can install stainless steel cabinets. Other features for this kitchen are the countertops, grill, and ample sitting space with rattan chairs and a table.

7. Cozy Patio Outdoor Kitchen

One of the initial outdoor kitchen ideas I have ever used is the Cozy Patio outdoor kitchen. As the name implies, the setting for your outdoor kitchen is right at your patio. It is generally an ingenious and space-saving kitchen creation that permits your crowd to enjoy both fresh air and your culinary skills. Never forget to set enough colorful stools and a wide enough wood table beside the grill.

8. Outdoor Stone Kitchen

What is it that makes this kitchen a big deal? I specifically gravitate towards the Outdoor stone kitchen because the fireplace and the grill station bring out the sleekness and sophistication all at once. To enhance and complete the sparkling feel, add your stainless-steel appliances into the mix.

I would suggest that you consult a professional while constructing this kitchen as it also features a wooden pergola. The pergola is a perfect addition as it enhances privacy as you cook and eat with your loved ones outdoors. But it can be intricate to install if you do not have excellent DIY skills.

9. Rustic Wood Outdoor Kitchen

A typical Rustic wood kitchen has a stone backdrop as its main feature and focal point. So why does it rank among the very best outdoor kitchen ideas? Because for me, the grey wood gives it a farmhouse character.

And then, of course, the kitchen’s simplicity means you do not need costly material to set it up. Instead, all you might need is to install a few small shelves into the stone wall and with your tiny grill in between the cubicles. You can then complete the structure with a simple tin roof.

10. Recycled Wood Pallets Outdoor Kitchen

You might not believe it at first, but those secondhand wood pallets can create your ideal and most admirable outdoor kitchen. Save for the small grill, the entire wall, counter, and shelves can conveniently use the pallets in any suitable backyard space. A tin roof completes the structure. However, if you do not have proper DIY skills, you might have to call in a professional as cutting, arranging, and fixing needs lots of care and precision.

11. Open-air Outdoor Kitchen

Among the full lineup of outstanding outdoor kitchen ideas is the Open-air kitchen. Akin to the rustic kitchen, you might have a fresh vegetable and herb garden to complete the setup. I suggest you get expert help for the whole unit as it comes fitted with electricity and water. Meanwhile, you can haul your indoor appliances with such a kitchen and make merry whenever it suits you.

12. DIY Grill Station

The DIY Grill Station taps from your skills using a pile of stacked stones and wood. The simple outdoor structure has a few shelves for storage. It also has a minimal countertop setup.

The grill sits securely in between the all-purpose countertops. You can then set the table and chairs on the kitchen’s concrete floor, next to the grill. Finally, install a string lighting system to accentuate the place and provide light for the evening to late-night food fiesta.

13. Built-In Deck Countertop Kitchen

Another outdoor kitchen design close to my heart is Built-In Deck Countertop. I love it for its minimal design and neutral colors, which are clean and non-busy. In addition, this kitchen design can stand on wooden flooring and has a lineup of shelves, especially for wood stacking.

You can also use the remaining storage area for other kitchen necessities. Depending on the landscape area, you can still relish the scenic views as you entertain. You must never forget a critical feature is an outdoor sink keeping cleanliness and hygiene to a whole new level.


14. Dallas Stone Kitchen 

Among the most stunning outdoor kitchen ideas I have ever seen is the Dallas stone kitchen. The design has a Mediterranean vibe, featuring a stainless grill and a stainless pull-out trash bin. It also comprises an under-cabinet refrigerator to keep cold-ready drinks for the warmest weather.

Another design aspect that sets it apart is the Ubatuba granite countertops. The cedar pergola also makes this outdoor kitchen one of a kind. But, of course, a typical Dallas stone kitchen will also have those travertine pavers that use the unique herringbone decoration. The good news is that you can extend this pattern to all the adjacent areas, including the pool, for uniformity. 


15. A Heritage Oak Tree Outdoor Kitchen Created by Urrutia Designs

amazing outdoor kitchen idea made from oak and readwood

I would have this heritage oak tree outdoor kitchen created by Urrutia Designs for my outdoor kitchen without debate. Picture a perfect weekend, relaxed and cooking in a kitchen under an oak tree. But, of course, you can still create it under any tree if you do not have the oak.

The concept is to enjoy that morning light and freshness outdoors while also cooking the perfect if not dinner. Redwood makes the entire setting stand out, including redwood walls, tables, shelves, and guard rails. Working with an expert can help install the concrete countertop and an under-counter fridge.


16. Food Prep Station with Pergola

Food Prep Station with Pergola

Often, I do not hesitate to recommend Food Prep Station With Pergola outdoor kitchen for several reasons. First, it is a simple, beautiful kitchen with a southwestern vibe to it. Next, you can haul your favorite appliances, including the pizza oven, and have them take their rightful place here. And since it’s an open pergola, it encircles what would otherwise be an open-air kitchen protecting it from wild elements. Finally, the marbled floor and naturally dark countertops add to its luxe feel.


17. Food Prep Station for Small Places

Food Prep Station for Small Places

Outdoor kitchen ideas are not a preserve of the bigger homes. However, you can innovatively turn your small space into a stylish outdoor kitchen. Food prep station for small places is one such minimalist yet highly functional kitchen for all seasons. In addition, you can install bare shelves and grill against a wall and adjacent to your flower garden.

While the lower cubes function as wood stackers, the upper ones are for general storage. A shaded lamp gazes directly at the grill enabling you to cook in the nighttime. Besides the grill as the kitchen’s focal point, you can also add a glass water dispenser.


18. DIY Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar and Kitchen

DIY Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar and Kitchen

If you are still interested in more outdoor kitchen ideas, DIY Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar and kitchen is just the proper installation. It is a simple structure that you can implement by yourself. The primary materials are wood and corrugated iron. Despite its enclosure effect shielding against the elements, the tin is also a beautiful work of art, enhancing your visual interests.

The warm-toned oak wood is for joining the tin material together. But you can also use the same for the countertops and the shelves. You can then complete it with a string of outdoor light which runs around the entire roof edge. Finally, since it is an outdoor bar, decorate the shelves with wine and beer glasses.


19. Barbecue Grill and Prep Station

Barbecue Grill and Prep Station

Making the list of best outdoor kitchen ideas is the Barbecue Grill and Prep Station. It is a distinct kitchen accentuated with a wood pergola and stylish adobe stonework. Tin orange tones and stainless-steel grill sit grandly in-between. The countertops have that dark red tile hue, while the floor tile is contrastingly bright. The kitchen also features an outdoor sink and rattan chairs, and a table strategically near the grill.

20. DIY Reclaimed Outdoor Wood Bar

DIY Reclaimed Outdoor Wood Bar

Another outdoor kitchen idea I can’t wait to implement is the DIY Reclaimed Outdoor wood bar. Reclaimed wood serves several unique purposes. First, it expresses a distinct personality and style, visual interest, and contrasting wood tones that are quite attractive to your kitchen.

A typical reclaimed wood structure has the same wood material for the base as well as the countertop. It is also a wraparound-like counter which can have several guests surrounding it without crowding. What about seats? I suggest you include easy raffia stools to complete the entire look.


21. Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Modular Outdoor Kitchen

If you are tight on the budget and still want an outdoor kitchen, then modular it is. Although it is concrete, you can still customize it to suit your occasion. And because of the material type, this outdoor kitchen is maintenance-free that I prefer to install. Known as the WWOO, the kitchen uses wood and a big greenish egg-like pan that sits with the countertop. Other extras you can include alongside this are an outdoor bathroom and a sink.



There isn’t any excuse why you shouldn’t install an outdoor kitchen to entertain family and friends. But, again, as we soak into the warmest of weather, the best investment would be to have an outdoor food prep station to limit overreliance on the AC unit. Of course, I wouldn’t mention all the advantages that an outdoor kitchen has for you.

And now you do not have to turn the books and internet upside down looking for that ideal kitchen. You can get what you need from right here, including the most budget-friendly units. The options are countless. Where you can’t DIY, you can call in professional help.

Based on the above ideas, you can also decide the type of material, size, and even location for your outdoor kitchen. You know which one can shield you from the storms and which one is temporary.