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The Best 10 LED Pool Light Review 2021

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What Is LED (light-emitting diode) Pool Light?

LED lights are a type of advanced technology in pool lighting. They offer minimal energy with high performance. As a result, this lighting solution is less costly when compared to traditional incandescent options. Additionally, LED pool light offers a longer extended bulb life. 

How do LED Pool Lights Work?

LED pool lights have a mechanism that pumps voltage through a semiconductor which produces light. Moreover, it is easy to use a LED light. You can plug It into a power source with little effort, unlike fiber optics that require elaborate cable-laying or halogen lighting that depends on burning filaments.

Are you looking for a LED pool light? Below are the top 10 best-LED pool light reviews to help find the ideal solution for your needs.

1. Cylink 120V 40W RGB Color Changing LED Pool Light

Cylink 120V LED pool light

The Cylink 120V LED pool light comes with a 12V 23A battery remote control. It also has a manual switch control you can use depending on how deep you install your LED light.

This powerful color-changing LED light will bring your pool to life. It contains various light options, including red, blue, and green. You can mix and match these lights into beautiful color combinations of your choice. 120V 40W RGB color-changing LED light is ideal for a colorful pool party.

It is also super bright and has 80% energy-saving capability. You can comfortably light up your 40000-gallon pool with a single Cylink 40W LED pool light and still save on your electricity bill by over 80%.


You can install this pool light with little effort. Furthermore, it is easy to unscrew the old lamp and replace a LED bulb.


You may not receive a remote signal if the bulb is installed 3 feet or encased in an al- metal casing. Even so, some customers say that the remote control works 70% of the time.


Cylink 120V 40W LED Pool Light costs $89.98 on Amazon per piece.

2. LOFTEK Submersible LED Light

LOFTEK submersible LED pool light

LOFTEK submersible LED pool light comes with a remote RF (164ft), magnets, and suction cups, 3.35”. This battery-operated LED light is fully waterproof and is best for pools. It has a wattage of 2 watts and a voltage of 1.5volts.

The product has a 45-days free return and refund. Furthermore, customers also benefit from a two-year free replacement for product quality-related issues. Additionally, the manufacturer offers lifetime customer service for all clients.

Besides being used for pool lighting, you can also use these waterproof and weatherproof submersible LED lights to light up your aquarium and waterfall.

It has a max 200ft/61m RF remote range in the air. However, the remote-control signal can work up to 16.4ft/5m in water. Furthermore, one remote can control more than one light, and you don’t need to direct the sensor to the lights.

This product has 16 colors, which you can alternate between different models such as flash, fade, and smooth. In addition, this dimmable function allows you to have increased options to create a beautiful atmosphere around your pool area.


LOFTEK Submersible LED Light has 13 premium led beads and 40 hours of display.  It is also brighter and more durable than other submersible lights.


Some customers say that the light does not meet the expected levels. However, they are bright enough to light up your pool if you install more pieces.


It costs $43.99 on Amazon

3. Poolexa 10.23” LED Color Pool Light 

Poolexa 10.23” LED Color Pool Light

Poolexa 10.23” LED Color inground Pool Light comes with a 50 ft cord for a wet niche. This 316L stainless steel LED light has a waterproof rating of IP68, which fits saltwater. It has an amp rating of 4.5A maximum and a wattage of 54W.

This LED light also comes with an outside controller box that contains a built-in 100W 12V transformer. The controller is water and dustproof and has an input voltage of 120V and an output of 12V DC.

This Led light consumes 86% less energy when compared to incandescent 500W lights.

Besides the manual control, you can also use your smartphone’s Bluetooth control.

This LED pool light can display up to 18 different color programs.


You do not need an extra transformer for your remote-control functions. The product has an in-built 12V transformer in the control box.


In some reviews, customers have expressed concerns about moisture getting into the control box. Others have indicated that they can only switch the lights on and off from the controller because of Bluetooth sensor issues.


Poolexa 10.23” LED Color Light costs $279.80 per piece on Amazon.

4. LOFTEK LED Dimmable 8” 16 RGB Floating Pool Lights

LOFTEK LED Dimmable 8” 16 RGB Floating Pool Lights

LOFTEK floating pool lights ball, 16” cordless night light, remote control, 16 RGB colors, rechargeable & waterproof. 

Besides the beautiful glow, these floating light balls can play your favorite tune via a Bluetooth connection. A single light ball is powered with a lithium battery and can play music for about 8 hours.

It is portable and has a stainless-steel flexible handle.  The LED light ball is best for pools. However, you can use the light balls as garden lights, deck lights, or bedside lamps. LED light balls are non-toxic and water-resistant. They are safe to use for both your interior and exterior décor.

The light balls are rechargeable, and each ball comes with a remote control for switching between programs and different colors.

They add an immediate element of sophistication when placed in your swimming pool. This product is an excellent décor for nighttime and also keeps your plunge bath lit up for safety.


This product has a removable handle which makes it easy to carry and use. You can take it with you to your friend’s pool party or anywhere you go. 


Some clients say that the warranty period of 12 months is limited and that the price for one ball is considerably high.


LOFTEK floating pool lights cost $92.99 per 1 pack on Amazon.

5. Roleadro 10.6×2.7” LED Pool Light

Roleadro 10.6x2.7” LED Pool Light

Roleadro LED pool light, waterproof IP68 47W RGB multi-color 12V AC/DC 47W Led light. This pool light has a lifespan of 35000 hours.

The LED pool light comes with a 1x remote controller, 1x power cord, 1x surface mount bracket, and a user manual.

Enhance the beauty of your swimming pool by making it colorful. Multi-color LED light with seven static modes, five dynamic modes with ten-speed levels can transform your pool instantly.

This high-quality product is IP68 waterproof. The manufacturer uses high-grade stainless steel. 

Furthermore, the pool light has a silica gel blue circle as a lamp body with a waterproof sealing material.

Roleadro LED light has branded LED chips that enable equal distribution of light from this RGB LED pool lamp.


24/7 service support to clients allows you to get help whenever you have product issues.


Although the product has a safe work voltage of 12V, you require an electric transformer for 12V during installation, which does not come with the pack. 


Roleadro LED light cost per piece is $54.99 on Amazon.

6. Seuron 12V -RGB+White LED Pool Light

Seuron 12V -RGB+White LED Pool Light

The bulb is heat resistant, and the upgraded version has a better cooling capability. In addition, it has an aluminum casing and is 100% IP65 waterproof.

Light-emitting diode pool bulb, 12V 40W, waterproof, color splash E26. LED bulb replacement for 500W Hayward and Pentair fixtures.

The Seuron 12V 40W LED Pool Light is durable. It can last up to 5 years without replacement if installed correctly.

This product gives you beautiful color shows. You can upgrade to eleven static colors and two vivid color modes (blue, red, green). The color transition process is smooth. It varies from a single color, fade, medium, and fast color changing.

The LED light consumes up to 50% less energy when compared to other incandescent lighting options. In addition, a Seuron 40W led pool light bulb can replace a traditional 300-500W pool bulb.


You do not need a separate controller to change the colors. You can use the power switch ON/OFF to change color modes.


According to some customer reviews, the setup instructions lack clarity. In addition, more customer reviews indicate that the red color is underwhelming, and the bulb goes into total darkness in between colors.


Seuron 12V 40W LED Light costs $99.99 per pack. 

7. EurusHome 9” RGB Pool Light

EurusHome 9” RGB Pool Light

Ultra-thin EurusHome 9” LED Pool Light, VDC 12, IP68 waterproof rank, multi-lighting colors, lightweight and hand-polished stainless-steel casing.

Eurus Home light lighting technology makes your pool look elegant and unique. In addition, this ultra-thin LED color-changing pool light has a higher quality than more than 95% of LED lighting products available on the market.

It has a 316 stainless steel casing and a built-in anti-corrosion gold-plated copper core, which does not get easily damaged when used underwater. 

The product does not require extra water-resistant housing or seals during installation. It is made from high-grade materials and has an IP68 waterproof design.

Eurus Home Ultra-thin DC 12V light supports numerous colors and modes. It is ideal for pool parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other celebrations.


This classy and upscale LED pool light gives you more than 5000 hours of light life.


The product has a limited supply of 200 sets per month.


EurusHome 9” RGB Pool Light costs $ 113 per piece on Amazon.

8. WYZM 120V RGBW LED Pool Light Bulb

WYZM120V RGBW LED Pool Light Bulb

WYZM LED Pool Light bulb for an inground pool, 120V 40W, IP65 waterproof, RGBW color changing.

The bulb has a diameter of 6.0” and a 5.5” height. Its water-resistant design and IP65 waterproof support the durability of the pool light.

This 12V 40W LED light can replace a 400-500W traditional bulb. Furthermore, it consumes up to 50% less energy. 

WYZM 12V LED Light has a color-changing capability. The bulb has 11 static models, and two dynamic models show mode. In addition, you can switch between jump and gradient models. However, you must keep the light on for 3 seconds or more. Switch it off immediately for 5 seconds or longer and back on again for the light to enter the next mode.

This LED light fits most pool housing such as Pentair and Hayward. However, it doesn’t work well with small SPA fixtures.


It is easy to install and consumes less energy than traditional lighting options. Some customers say that you get value for your money when you purchase a WYZM 120V RGBW LED pool light bulb.


The product doesn’t have a remote control, and some customer reviews indicate that the manual control is a little delayed. Furthermore, this LED light is not dimmable.


A WYZM Led 12V light bulb costs $106.99 per piece on Amazon.

9. Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light

Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light

Intex Magnetic Pool wall light, 110-120V, 10×7.88×5.88”, weighs 2.93 pounds, lights up to 24 Ft pools. 26 feet cord for outlet connection. 

This LED pool light bulb serves more than one purpose. Besides illuminating the inside, it also lights up the outside pool area, which offers you optimum safety. In addition, this magnetic pool wall light is ideal for above the ground pools. 

This light is easy to install. The magnets stick the two LED light pieces together on the pool wall. The two sides of the LED lights face different directions having one side on the outside and the other on the inside. Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light provides a safe nighttime swimming environment for your family.


The magnetic pool wall light is durable and doesn’t require battery replacement. The LED bulb is corded, which is why it lasts longer than some battery-powered LED lights.


This product does not work on a pool with metal walls. However, it works well in vinyl pools.


Intex Magnetic Pool Wall Light pricing starts from $149.99 per piece on Amazon.

10. Nitelighter Multi Colored 14x6x5” LED Pool Light

Nitelighter Multicolored 14x6x5” LED Pool Light

This Nitelighter LED aboveground Pool Light is easy to mount, ETL-certified, NLMCLED, color-changing underwater lamp.

Nitelighter in-pool light illuminates your pool with vibrant colors at night. The LED lights have a color-changing capability. It has two modes which you can set to automatic color changing intervals. You can also set it to one color, such as blue, green, or red. This LED light is ideal for a pool party.

Nitelighter LED pool light is ETL-certified to UL676 standards. It is safe to use on a P68 low voltage power outlet which is allowable in a swimming environment. Installing LED pool lights gives you the freedom to swim for longer during the nighttime.


It doesn’t require drilling or expertise to mount. The mounting bracket and thumb wheel make the installation process effortless. The product also comes with a quick-release screw for winterization.


Nitelighter LED pool light has limited color modes.


Nitelighter Multi Colored LED above ground pool light costs $100.19 per piece on Amazon.


LED pool lights consume less energy than the traditional lighting options, and they also make your pool colorful. However, you must pay attention to voltage limits on your pool bulbs before installation. For example, you can damage your pool’s lighting system if you accidentally install a 12V bulb into a 120V socket.

Some control boxes come with built-in transformers, but others do not. As a rule of thumb, you must always read your instruction manual to ensure you understand the installation process. 

Although some pool lights, such as the LED pool light balls, come ready for use, others may require the help of a professional electrician. Therefore, it is wise to consult an expert or call customer service when you are in doubt.