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Where to Eat in Houston Right Now; The Best Decorated Restaurant Patios in Houston

empty gazebo at the garden

Picture a nicely decorated restaurant patios in Houston with ample outdoor seating within an incredible landscape. It cannot be more relevant in these social distancing times. But, again, the patio season is right here with us, and a group outing would be what each one of us needs after the lockdown stupor.

A restaurant patio provides not just space but the freshest of airs too. In scenic views, you can gorge on that fantastic pizza or have your pick-me-up. In addition, a restaurant with outdoor seating enables you to relax away with your pet and have kids freely move with less obstruction. Research also states that patio allowance improves mental focus, attention and lessens stress levels.

Although you can jump on the patio bandwagon wherever you are, Houston is especially famed for its share of restaurants with outdoor terraces. But while most people may assume patios have been in existence for a long time, that is not the case.

They were few and sparse until the mid-2000s. Then such spaces began to mushroom in about every corner of the city. I would say patios are now a trend, so finding just the perfect one might be complicated—no need to worry, though.

My extensive research unearthed some of the wholesomely excellent patios in Houston based on a variety of features. These include decor and curb appeal, customer service, food, drinks, overall ambiance, and meeting minimum health procedures for all diners. Here is a list I must mention.

1. B.B. Lemon, Restaurant with Patios in Houston

B.B. Lemon Patio

Have you been scouring the entire city for the best restaurant and with the most OK outdoor space? B.B Lemon prides in manicured lawns and sentimental rattan chairs for perfect relaxation. The place is not necessarily huge. Yet it offers great food, cocktails, and one of the very best patios in Houston.

Located at East Washington Corridor at 1809 Washington Avenue, you will indulge in the comfort that comes with an ambiance, excellent customer service, and a well-kept garden. B.B Lemon is mostly a vintage restaurant with uniquely pressed tin ceilings, and the tables spread with attractive white and green table cloths.

The exceptional wall décor includes nicely framed photographs. As the name suggests, the patio has potted lemons plants, providing the best atmosphere and backdrop for business luncheons and dinner. You can also reserve a wine tasting table for your group of friends.

B.B. Lemon live music sessions combined with the great American food are my favorite. Are you a salmon, the chopped steak, and Cajun chicken lover? I recommend B.B. Lemon, where you also order crab beignets and the pigs in a blanket. Most visitors come for brunch, which I can say is top-notch, and combined with excellent oysters, would already sort out your weekday/weekend adventure.

Due to the nonstop stream of fans coming, the restaurant wouldn’t have been so convenient. It is fantastic and can be so worthwhile, especially in the warmer months. B.B Lemon opens daily from 11.00 am to 9 pm, save for Saturdays when you can reserve from 10 am to 10 pm.

The other reason it remains top-rated, though, is its service. And whether you are solo or in a group, they go out and beyond, dedicatedly serving you. As for parking? Well, you can use the valet and save on the parking fee.

2. Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, Restaurant with Patios in Houston

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company patio
You can never mention the best restaurant patios in Houston and leave out Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. Why do I say so? Because this brewery cum restaurant has the most elevated open-air deck. It is a unique setting allowing you to view the city’s skyline and other scenic views as you indulge in your best food and drink.

I love the décor at this restaurant. For example, the wildly colorful metal furnishings create a sense of excitement and fun. The place has a vibrant food, drink, and brunch menu, and they are open throughout the week. There should never be an excuse not to venture with colleagues at the lunch hour. You can spoil yourselves with the most delicious Piggy Smalls burgers or Smoke on the Bayou pizzas.

Here, anything goes, and an evening with German Chocolate Cake or Y’alloha brews can be what you need as you spend your time away at the patio. If you are a vegetarian, you are also sorted with tasty Eggplant, Beets, and Bleats salad with charred eggplant. I often order Crush City IPA roasted beets, goat cheese, sumac, and pomegranate molasses vinaigrette every time I am here. 


3. Secret Garden, Restaurant with Patios in Houston

Secret Garden Patio
A breathtakingly beautiful patio awaits every diner who ventures at Secret Garden. The fantastic restaurant is located at 409 Travis St Ste A Houston, TX 77002 and occupies about 2000 square feet for its backyard patio.

Even though experts rate it as one top patio in Houston, it will take you a while before you can locate it, and perhaps that is the secret. It is hidden at Bravery Chef Hall, away from the standard view from the main street.

With a unique and pleasant space, you forget all the noise and bustle associated with downtown locations. Summer is also a patio season here, and you can enjoy the outdoors in the garden, which has incredible string lights, and scenic white rose flower walls.

There are also fans delicately hung in the trees in case the heat is too much to bear. The garden has ample sitting space. So once you order your meal, and maybe one or two of its famously cute drinks, you can relish it from right here.

While it has one of the best patios in Houston, Secret Garden also has a vibrant, ever-busy cocktail bar. It is distinctively made of a glass greenhouse and features ceramics and artistic liquor bottles. You also get to enjoy a lineup of beautiful in-season flower varieties.

I would also say everything is old-fashioned at Secret Garden. For example, you will order at the counter, as table service is limited. And you can choose from the full bar, which has cocktails ranging from the traditional Kentucky mule, the most popular Butterfly, and Jamaizcal.  And finally, the restaurant has the friendliest staff and bartenders often on standby to serve you.

4. Truck Yard, Restaurant with Patios in Houston

the truck yard patio
Truck Yard does not just boast of having one of the most creative patios in Houston. It is also a regular host for a live music variety. I can’t wait to come here because I get a triple dose of pleasure in the form of great ambiance, decor, and great music from some of the city’s and country’s music celebrities.

The atmosphere is so good and open to just about anyone of adult age. Hence, you can hang out at various outdoor spots with great food, drink, and company. And while here, the most attractive feature beside the patio is the Ferris wheel where you can take a ride.

Let’s still discuss why Truck Yard ranks among the top-rated restaurant patios in Houston. First, the eatery has an amazingly substantial outdoor space. As you walk in there, the first thing you meet is a taco tent, and you might think that is it. But no, as you proceed, you move into a massive outdoor spot with a vibrant bar.

There are countless truck tables and regular tables. There is also a lineup of food trucks with an assortment of delicacies. The restaurant is often bustling with humanity, and so if you are like me that loves serenity, upstairs seating space would be what you need. 

There is no table service here; I am sorry to say. But you can comfortably make your order at the counter and proceed to your respective table. Then, of course, I love the colossal beer selection available both from the taps and bottles.

Depending on the weather, you can come here on any day. However, Sunday is the most fun day, attracting crowds from all over Houston and beyond. 

5. Antica Osteria, Restaurant with Patios in Houston
Antica Osteria Patio

Antica Osteria is situated along 2311 Bissonnet, (713) 521-1155. I would say it is a traditional, homelike setting that caters to a wide range of customers looking for space and great food. The Italian restaurant ranks among the best-decorated restaurant patios in Houston because of the enormous and ample outdoor space for its customers.

The patio sits between two old houses, being well-covered and protected from the elements. Generally, it is a romantic atmosphere here, so I suggest you reserve an intimate evening at the sidewalk table, especially when the weather is just right.

If you are a first-timer, you might have trouble seeing it because it hides behind a tree-shaded pergola. But once you find it, you enjoy a simple and friendly ambiance. The first thing I noticed is the excellent location and the fresh air as you relax to order your food. The restaurant décor, which includes a beautiful lighting system, is a sight to behold.

The atmosphere is intimate, warm, and accompanied by equally great food and drinks. You can take your time away, whether in a group or solo. Some of the outstanding meals you can gorge on are piccata and parmigiana, which come with a topping of perfectly cooked veggies.

If you love roasted potatoes, you get them as a side to your food too. I mostly love the duck breast sautéed in pepper and herbs. But the Fontina-stuffed chicken breast served with sweet wine also ranks among my favorites.

The Antica Osteria is wheelchair accessible back to the outdoor setting, enabling anyone, even with a disability, to enjoy time here. And when it is too cold or chilly, you can huddle at the fireplace.

Although there is no parking lot that is instantly visible, you can take advantage of the free valet parking. So, if you desire attentive, quick, and friendly service, here is where you get it. And of course, the prices go according to your order and expectations.

6. Bar Boheme, Restaurant with Patios in Houston

Bar Boheme Patio
Bar Boheme is known for its expansive patio, which can accommodate huge numbers of revelers at any given time. Situated at 307 Fairview, (713) 529-1099, the terrace has additional private booths, a perfect hideaway with your significant other. The place isn’t considered one of the highly-rated patios in Houston for nothing. It was recently voted the best patio by one of the city publications readers.

The garden is big and has a heart-stopping decoration of stone sculptures. You can also marvel at the restaurant’s antique lighting system and the somehow ancient-looking brick walls. It is a scenery that will have you recollecting with nostalgia years after you have been here.

Bar Boheme is generally open to all adults. And so, if you have company, you can indulge in the funniest memorable drag brunch. Then it also specializes in the best wines. There is a rotating list from which you can choose the drink you love.

As for food, you can request table service from the readily available and friendly attendants. The food variety is also wide-ranging. From Argentinian Beef Empanadas spiced with cumin to ruffle Mushroom Pizza with wild mushrooms, garlic, and mozzarella, among other ingredients, you can have your fill.

7. Backstreet Café, Restaurant with Patios in Houston

Backstreet Café Patio

If you are still hunting for the best restaurant patios in Houston, I highly recommend Backstreet Café. The eatery has been in existence for about 40 years. That is a long time indeed. Yet, it fuses the traditional and modern so effortlessly.

The most talked-about feature here is the patio, and the first time I came here, I couldn’t stop staring. It is generally a New Orleans-themed outdoor setting that sits in the most beautiful shrubbery. The flower variety and the water fountain add to the gorgeous backdrop making you reminiscence and muse about the yonder times.

There is also another reason why this place remains top on the list of the best patios in Houston. It is brunch and music. A combination of these with delicious food and tasty cocktails is what beckons me here every time I get the chance. While here, you can sit around any of the tables laid along with two levels.

Meanwhile, the live jazz musical party happens on Sundays. The rest of the days, you can make do with lively background music. I also suggest you sit quietly, getting lost in the soothing sounds of the water fountain. Backstreet Café is also the perfect retreat for private functions. You can choose the Solarium, a personal space away from the dining area upstairs.


Most people can’t wait to get out from the depressive lockdowns now that the summer is here. And what could be the best retreat if not a restaurant with an outdoor setting? Restaurant patios are all about freedom, fun, and even fresh air. Also, if you are in a group, a patio restaurant allows you to enjoy a bigger space and also mingle in a socially distanced manner.

If you are in Houston or planning to visit, you will see that there isn’t a shortage in terms of restaurant patios. The only thing is that not all of them might meet your exact needs. For example, the patios mentioned above in Houston have almost the unsurpassed features you could ever want in an outdoor backdrop.

Still, you do not have to take my word for it. I would suggest you do more extensive research to find what works for you—things to look for include if they observe the minimum health protocols. If you have kids or pets, you can also check if your restaurant patio type is kid /pet friendly. And if I were you, I could scrutinize customer reviews before deciding on the best restaurant with outdoor facilities.