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15 Best Pergola Ideas That Bring Life to Your Backyard

Contoh Pergola

You don’t need to have a boring backyard, while there are several ways to bring life to it. First, transform it and make it your favorite relaxing spot. One of the ways to achieve this is by constructing a pergola, a semi-open overhead structure that covers an outdoor space.  Pergola will make your backyard look unique and well managed since it doesn’t cover much of the area and has beautiful light effects. Do you know the best ways of making your backyard look good through pergolas? Read on and get the 15 best pergola ideas that bring life to your backyard. 

1. White Out Pergola Ideas

You can have your pergola in plain white to match the green landscape of your backyard. The white color will also blend well with the exterior of your house, making everything look harmonious. You can then arrange flowers in between the spaces around the chairs and tables to make this area more appealing.

2. Try Out the Attached Pergola Ideas Design

Attached Pergola Design

You can also make an attached pergola in your backyard and get a serene relaxation spot. All you need to do is attach the pergola to the existing home and work with a pergola idea that matches the current color and style. You can place your pergola in front of the house to help regulate the amount of light getting through the windows. Another way to make it stand out is by adding trees that add color to your backyard

Other attached pergola ideas include;

A traditionally attached pergola ideas design

A traditionally attached pergola

If you’re a minimalist and like to preserve nature, one of the pergola ideas to go for is the traditional attached design. It’s an extension of the rear back that fits well in a traditional home. In addition, you can have a large brick fireplace to make the outdoor experience more comfortable. Another thing you can include in this area is a tv for entertainment purposes.

An attached pergola over the patio on your backyard

An attached pergola over the patio on your backyard

You can also extend your living room space through these great pergola ideas of incorporating a patio. It will act as a good intermediary between your indoor and outdoor space. The walls and roofs should be in harmony while the planters bring the space’s outdoor touch. The roof will make that space comfortable and act as a cover to the furniture in the area. 

 An attached pergola over the fence

pergola over the fence

One thing that makes an attached pergola a great idea is that it reduces the construction cost. To make your standout, make a two-tier attached pergola and have an ambient space to relax on. It will help add height to the relaxing area and fence. Add a trellis to support the climbing plants and also to soften the look. That is one of the pergola ideas that will enable you to develop a garden fence without many struggles. 

3. Make a Simple Deck Pergola Ideas Design

Simple Deck Pergola

Another way to bring life to your backyard is through a simple deck pergola. This idea will reform the look of your outdoor space, and it requires you to make an attached pergola on the deck. What makes this one of the best pergola ideas is that it brings prominence to the backyard and creates room for hanging baskets. You can also include the adjustable shades on the beams to offer room to convert this space into a full shade. 

4. Introduce a Trendy Hanging Chair on the Pergola Ideas Design

outdoor hanging-cairs

Introduce a unique seating set up on your pergola to make the space welcoming. It will help you wind off perfectly after a long day at work. The hanging egg chair is the best pick for the summer season when it’s hot indoors and you need some fresh air in a cool area. Don’t forget to include color in the pergola through throw pillows or cushions and tables

5. Make a Great Pathway with Climbing Plants

pathway with climbing plants hortmag

You can introduce one of these great pergola ideas into your pathways. All you need to have are climber plants like roses or wisteria to bring color and scent to this space. Add some chairs in specific spots where one can cool off their minds after a tiresome day. 

6. Make a Wet Bar Pergola Ideas Design

wet bar pergola

Don’t limit yourself if you’re into a bar and don’t have the time or hate the noise from joints. Make your small haven in the unused space backdoors. Create some kitchen too to reduce distractions on a day meant for the pergola. Depending on your needs, you can add a patio to act as a standing ground for the pergola and have a fully equipped kitchen and bar

7. Create an Entertainment Area with the Right Size Pergola

an Entertainment Area with the Right Size Pergola

Creating an entertainment area in your backyard is another better way of designing a pergola, especially if you like outdoor parties. You can use this space to host friends and relatives for various functions too. A bigger space will give your guests and the furniture enough sitting room while also ensuring there’s good air circulation. 

Don’t forget to include lights either on the dining table or a suspended pendant for night use. Incorporating an outdoor kitchen will also be one of the pergola ideas that serve you great.

8. Try Out the Wooden Pergola Ideas Design

modern wooden pergola

Make a wooden backyard space to make your pergola ideas practical and stylish. You can use woods such as cedar or redwood and bring a natural feeling to your backyard. Stain or paint the wood to give it a new design that will last. But ensure you sand the wood before installing them, maintain regular checkups, and work on the chips or rough spots.

9. Create A Pergola Picnic Space Ideas Design

long picnic table under a pergola

You don’t need to go to the beach all the time, especially when financially down. Instead, bring the picnic right to your backyard and enjoy great moments with your family or loved ones. Include the picnic chairs, tables, and floor. Ensure the sitting area has a natural feel that blends well with the site. You can even include a swimming pool in this area apart from the plants to make this a complete relaxation spot. 

10. A Curtained Pergola Ideas Design

A Curtained Pergola

You can introduce some privacy into your pergola by introducing curtains. These curtains will also act as a shield from harsh winds and sunlight during the day. Use your favorite colors, and don’t forget to maintain style and posh in your pergola designs to make this area look serene. You can use pillows and woven chairs to bring comfort and shape to the site. 

11. Colorful and Unique Pergola Ideas Design

colorful and unique pergola ideas

You can also decide to be you and do things differently by including bold colors on your garage entrance to make this area good. This space doesn’t need structural support, which means the cost of construction as the pergola is attached to the garage wall. You can include some climber plants to add a natural feel to this chilling space. 

12. Will A Sea Side Pergola Do?

sea side pergola

Bring the sea next door in your backyard and have the best relaxing spot that allows you to view the whole area. To achieve this, look for the right position that will enable you to see different points without straining. Have a cloth canopy to prevent sun rays from entering the room; put them on the roof and sides since the sun changes position. 

If your home is next to the sea, make the pergola face it to have a great view and enjoy the winds. Have the seats and chairs complement the setting.

13. Kitchen Pergola Ideas Design


One of the best pergola ideas that suit a chef or someone who loves an open space kitchen is this one. This pergola should have a cooking area, sink, and cabinets to accommodate all you may want to cook. It’s even a great way of bringing an outdoor experience to your family while cooking, eating and chatting, or bonding away. You can even include a bar to avoid inconvenience to those who might need something for their throat. 

Have lights to facilitate late-night sittings. At the same time, the right choice of furniture will make your guests comfortable, especially if you intend to spend more time there. 

14. A Pergola with Natural Feel Ideas Design


You can also make your backyard a relaxing area by going natural and include a roof made of raw materials like reeds. Other materials like timber can also keep it natural and make your space look unique and special. You can buy these materials from the DIY stores and design your best pergola that will help in conserving the environment. Plant different plants on the walls, base and hang some to benefit from all of them. 

15. Try the Rain Proof/All Weathered Pergola Ideas Design

rain proof all weather pergola

Introduce a rainproof or an all-weathered pergola roof design and consider combining light-colored and neutral colors on the wall.  With this pergola design, you’ll not struggle to rush back into the house if it’s about to rain or when it becomes frigid. Instead, designing your pergola this way will enable you to use it any time of the year, regardless of the weather. 

You can have a fireplace to keep warm during the night. Or an HVAC system to help regulate the temperatures and keep the room comfortable to use. If you can introduce bed chairs, the better as you can lie down after sitting for long hours. 

Factors to Consider When Designing a Pergola

Look at the space

The first thing you need to consider is the space for the construction of the pergola and other backyard activities. A spacious backyard can allow you to have a bigger pergola. It would help if you also considered the spot you want to put the pergola. It can be an attached pergola or a stand-alone pergola which mainly depends on your choice and budget. 

Don’t forget to leave some other space outside it for other things like plants and decorations to make your backyard beautiful. When choosing the area, remember the purpose of the pergola. For example, it can be for parties, BBQs, or private space. Remember, the ambiance in the pergola also matters. You can achieve this by placing the pergola on your favorite spot in the backyard with enough natural light. 

Choose the kind of pergola 

Another thing you should consider is the type of pergola you want to make. You can choose a style you’re comfortable making alone or work with a professional guide. The design should be able to blend well with your backyard and also be something you like. Pick any of the above pergola ideas and pay much attention to its shape and the roof. 

The materials to use

After settling on the right spot and construction style, the next thing you should do is to pick on the materials. Get the recommended materials that can withstand any weather condition. The material should also make your space comfortable to sit on. If it’s wood, ensure you go for a high quality and strong type that won’t rot quickly. Metallic materials should also be rust-free and stain or paint to make them last longer. 

 The roofing

Even though there are few roofing choices to go for, you need to settle for one. You can go for the flat, curved, or gabled roof style, which also comes as either retractable or fixed. Some are also made of plastic, corrugated metal, or shade cloth. However, this majorly depends on your budget and the style you want to use. If you want a place to enjoy the sunshine and shade, go for the retractable roof like a shade cloth. 

The pergola layout

When settling on any of the pergola ideas, don’t forget to look at the layout that will depend on your door area’s purpose. For example, will you use this space to host friends and relatives? Then this means you should have ample relaxing space for your guests, which can also accommodate chairs and still leave walking space. 

If you have small kids or pets, let the layout have plenty of space for playing different types of games. But if all you need is a place to get fresh air, a smaller room next to your kitchen will do. 

Work with a design that compliments your house

You should also consider the design of your home before settling for a pergola design. Ensure it complements the style and tone of your house. Look at the color’s combination of the house and work with something that will blend with it perfectly. For example, if your bungalow has the traditional finish, an old-fashioned timber frame will give it a rustic feel. But ensure the design matches your personality, character, and lifestyle. 


There are several pergola ideas you can work with to give your backyard life. However, you need to work with your favorite design that will bring out your personality and character. Also, ensure you use high-quality materials that won’t spoil faster, making you spend extra cash. Finally, don’t forget to choose the right spot and create enough space to meet your purpose of making a pergola. 

This area will be relaxing and comforting if you can bring life to this special space by introducing color and plants like roses. With any of the above pergola ideas, you’ll host friends and relatives at any time of the day, even with a smaller indoor space. Pergolas are also a great idea for reducing costs for those who like picnics and going out as you can do it right behind your backyard.